Tuesday, 30 July 2013





& also you, my dude Erica! <3 :="" p="">

Monday, 29 July 2013

Boarding school UK/ trying to get a scholarship!

I started looking at boarding schools last summer, when I saw a video at Youtube about 2 guys attending the Malvern College. After that, I ordered a prospectus there and not long after I had it in the mail. I opened it, and there were a couple of brochures and a DVD in there. Immediately, I watched the DVD and was amazed, but then it was time for Canada, so I didn't think about it anymore...

But now, back in Austria, I started thinking about a boarding school in the UK again, and I m still amazed but it is just way to expensive!
I am trying to get a scholarship. I already started ordering some more prospectus to see who is offering what and so on.

Let's just hope I am good enough to get one of those minimal scholarships.

Also, I applied for some other scholarships from different associations, including a High School semester  abroad in New Zealand.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Getting a Returnee-Job

I sent some messages to different associations to contact them if I could help them as a Returnee. I've got some answers who told me no, because I didn't choose that association to go abroad but I did find one which might take me, it's YFU!

On August, 14 I'll have an interview with a YFU volunteer who wants to get to know me.
I already talked to her on the phone, and she just said she wants to ask me some question but I don't have to prepare me.

As well, I read a facebook post from DFSR looking for "Freie Mitarbeiter/freelancers", so I sent them a message and now I have to complete a form asking me some question like why I want to do it and so on.

Also my mum said, she will be an interviewer for the association if everything goes good! It's a german organisation and it hardly has an Austria team yet, but it'll be my mum and me! :)

So, yeah... now I'm waiting for the interview appointment and I'll complete the form in the next days!

Monday, 22 July 2013


It's time to send some Greetings all over the world! :)

Today I sent my bagpacker briefewichtel letters, a postcard to Stefania and Erica in Canada and a postcard to Alisa. :)

Update: I answered Charlie and sent a postcard to Rebecca from Germany who went to school with me in Canada.

UPDATE: Aug, 6. my postcards made it to Canada! :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My plans about going back to Canada/Jul21

My thoughts about going back to Canada right now are that I really want to go back next summer together with my mom!

I was also thinking about flying to Montreal two weeks earlier than my mother, where she will join me afterwards. I would then stay for a month and would be able to show my mom around for two weeks. That sounds great to me right now!
I really think that we have to work something out!

My hostfamily even said that they want to travel with us  to Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ottawa :) Such many amazing places! I am already looking forward to this trip! May time fly!

What this blog is all about...

So, now I am back in Austria...
but I am so motivated from Canada that I just can't sit around ... I need to go back into the wide world! But how? When?

This is what this blog will be all about: about how Canada changed me, what my future is going to be like.
I am right now looking for a scholarship to go to a private boarding school in the UK, or well actually I am just looking for scholarships all over, so that I would be able to afford to travel around the world.
I only visited 8% of the world yet, that number needs to increase tremendously in the future!! 

So, here I will write what is going on in my life, here, back home, how school is going, and how I am doing because I won't be repeating the year I spent in Canada, but rather continue on to the next grade.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Canada Souvenirs

From Canada I brought souvenirs for all my family members and friends! :) Here are the ones that I still have, but I'm sure that they ll be gone soon!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Back in Austria

so, now I'm back home in Austria, after i spent 10 awesome months in Montreal, Canada.
I came back two weeks ago, June 30.
I took the plane from Montreal together with some mostly german exchange students to Montreal and from there with Kaja, my austrain buddy, to Vienna where my family waited for my at the airport.
They even had flowers and a welcome heart forme!
In the airplane I was sitting inbetween a group of young students my age who are traveling threw Europe, so I talked with them the whole time. 
We drove home, which didn't take long and i was wondering why my mum always looked at her phone but when I arrived in the appartement I knew why, my friends waited there for me! :) The hid behind the doors and sofa, so I couldn't see them at first. So nice! :) I even had a welcome back banner, a cake and some ballons saying Home Sweet Home & Welcome back! :) They really thought about everything! We talked for at least 3 hours and then my friends left slowly. I talked to my mum and then I fell asleep for maybe half an hour because i was awake since the day since June 28 austrians time.
My dad came over for supper and I told some stories from Canada.
The next day I started unpacking my luggage and went shopping already to buy some shorts for scout camp which already started Wednesday!
The next day, I prepared all my stuff for the first scout camp where I ll cook with a good friend Konni for the younger ones! After that on saturday we ll get driven back, change our stuff and take off for a week on our summer camp.

 I'm still completly English (&french) and having actually really big trouble talking German!!

I actually do not have big trouble with the time difference! :)

But now I've to go, I'll explain the new blog system another time! even though i only used my blog rarely I'll continue it even more now ater my exchange year! 

Monday, 1 July 2013


and of course I wore my Keep calm & be canadian ey t-shirt! :)

Back in Austria & new system

Hey guys,
even though I only used my blog rarely, I will continue it now,after my exchange year!

Yesterday, Iarrived back home, and I am still completely immersed in English & French. I am actually encountering difficulties talking German!!

I actually do not have big trouble with the time difference! :)

But now I've to go, I'll explain the new blog system another time!