Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Back in Austria

so, now I'm back home in Austria, after i spent 10 awesome months in Montreal, Canada.
I came back two weeks ago, June 30.
I took the plane from Montreal together with some mostly german exchange students to Montreal and from there with Kaja, my austrain buddy, to Vienna where my family waited for my at the airport.
They even had flowers and a welcome heart forme!
In the airplane I was sitting inbetween a group of young students my age who are traveling threw Europe, so I talked with them the whole time. 
We drove home, which didn't take long and i was wondering why my mum always looked at her phone but when I arrived in the appartement I knew why, my friends waited there for me! :) The hid behind the doors and sofa, so I couldn't see them at first. So nice! :) I even had a welcome back banner, a cake and some ballons saying Home Sweet Home & Welcome back! :) They really thought about everything! We talked for at least 3 hours and then my friends left slowly. I talked to my mum and then I fell asleep for maybe half an hour because i was awake since the day since June 28 austrians time.
My dad came over for supper and I told some stories from Canada.
The next day I started unpacking my luggage and went shopping already to buy some shorts for scout camp which already started Wednesday!
The next day, I prepared all my stuff for the first scout camp where I ll cook with a good friend Konni for the younger ones! After that on saturday we ll get driven back, change our stuff and take off for a week on our summer camp.

 I'm still completly English (&french) and having actually really big trouble talking German!!

I actually do not have big trouble with the time difference! :)

But now I've to go, I'll explain the new blog system another time! even though i only used my blog rarely I'll continue it even more now ater my exchange year! 

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