Monday, 29 July 2013

Boarding school UK/ trying to get a scholarship!

I started looking at boarding schools last summer, when I saw a video at Youtube about 2 guys attending the Malvern College. After that, I ordered a prospectus there and not long after I had it in the mail. I opened it, and there were a couple of brochures and a DVD in there. Immediately, I watched the DVD and was amazed, but then it was time for Canada, so I didn't think about it anymore...

But now, back in Austria, I started thinking about a boarding school in the UK again, and I m still amazed but it is just way to expensive!
I am trying to get a scholarship. I already started ordering some more prospectus to see who is offering what and so on.

Let's just hope I am good enough to get one of those minimal scholarships.

Also, I applied for some other scholarships from different associations, including a High School semester  abroad in New Zealand.

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