Friday, 9 August 2013

Doing a city tour with frenchs!

Today I went downtown with one of my friends and we were walking down a little street close to Stephansplatz. A few young people were talking behind us in french and my friend and me smiled at each other because we were talking about it earlier on. The guy came to us and he' was like" parlez vous francais? " and I answered" oui un peu" and then we answered them a couple of question like what's a Schnitzel and so on. They needed to take pictures in front of different sight seeing posts. So we were running around with them through whole downtown Vienna :)

It was a nice tour downtown with some strangers.
We ended up at the Pestsäule where the leaders were waiting for them and we took a picture together.

All in all it was a funny tour, and we were their leaders like they always called us! :)

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