Friday, 2 August 2013

First real skype date since I'm back

Today I skyped the first time with my host parents since I left Montreal, June 29.
At the beginning we had some audio and visual problems because Skype did not work properly, but at the end everything turned out okay. We talked about how my mum thinks I changed, that I am always welcome to come back to Canada and that they have an open door at their new apartment for me as well!

I am actually planning on going back to Canada next summer, but we'll see! and I think, that they invited my mum and me to go on a cruise with them in the winter, or so... I didnt understand that part....

Anne, my hostmum asked me what I'm missing from Quebec that she could send to me for my birthday... the first thing I though about was Cranberry juice but she can hardly send that! Bagles are missing too... but that's not an was thing to send either... I need to think a bite more!

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