Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Getting a Returnee-Job

I sent some messages to different associations to contact them if I could help them as a Returnee. I've got some answers who told me no, because I didn't choose that association to go abroad but I did find one which might take me, it's YFU!

On August, 14 I'll have an interview with a YFU volunteer who wants to get to know me.
I already talked to her on the phone, and she just said she wants to ask me some question but I don't have to prepare me.

As well, I read a facebook post from DFSR looking for "Freie Mitarbeiter/freelancers", so I sent them a message and now I have to complete a form asking me some question like why I want to do it and so on.

Also my mum said, she will be an interviewer for the association if everything goes good! It's a german organisation and it hardly has an Austria team yet, but it'll be my mum and me! :)

So, yeah... now I'm waiting for the interview appointment and I'll complete the form in the next days!

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