Sunday, 21 July 2013

What this blog is all about...

So, now I am back in Austria...
but I am so motivated from Canada that I just can't sit around ... I need to go back into the wide world! But how? When?

This is what this blog will be all about: about how Canada changed me, what my future is going to be like.
I am right now looking for a scholarship to go to a private boarding school in the UK, or well actually I am just looking for scholarships all over, so that I would be able to afford to travel around the world.
I only visited 8% of the world yet, that number needs to increase tremendously in the future!! 

So, here I will write what is going on in my life, here, back home, how school is going, and how I am doing because I won't be repeating the year I spent in Canada, but rather continue on to the next grade.

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