Wednesday, 7 August 2013

which one should I choose?

All this was in the mail today
- and I'm still waiting for more...

I really don't know... there are so many different boarding schools in the UK!  Most of them offer some kind of scholarship but therefore you always have to write the school's entrance test in the UK and I can't travel there 5000 times next year to write them all...

I don't know... should I ask an association to help me find a scholarship? It might be helpful but otherwise I would have to pay at least 200 euro for it... I am not sure!
So or so, if I really want to go their for 2 years, I need to get a scholarship that covers a lot, because these schools are everything except of cheap!!

Or should I just say for a term? After I graduated in Austria? Or should I just stay for 2 weeks or so? or just I go to Australia during summer after I graduated or next summer?(because their school times are different) or should I just do a practicum somewhere next summer? I saw that there's one offered in London for people aged 15+, so that would be perfect!
Or should I do a Rotary short term exchange? to China? or where should I go, Australia? For this program I would go for around 3 weeks and someone from there or even their daughter/son would come to us for that period of time, which makes the program a lot cheaper than others!
Or, should I go abroad another year after finish school with Rotary? The program cost is only 800 euro plus flight and insurance so way cheaper than other associations... but i would be changing family 3 times or so... but is a year to long again?
Shouldn't I just be staying here and go to university ASAP?

On the one hand I am for going to a boarding school in the UK, on the other I m just for a short exchange and on the other...

The only thing I know for sure is that I won't be staying in Austria forever! I need to discover the world... but where should I start? That is the question!
Let's try to find an answer!

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