Thursday, 15 August 2013

YFU Interview

Today I had the YFU Interview, I was looking forward to for almost a month, because my interviewer  was on vacation.
So, it was at 12 o'clock and it was pretty good!

She told me that my help would already be appreciated on Friday, Aug.23, because all the new students will be arriving to Austria! 
So together with some other YFU volunteers I'll welcome them in beautiful Austria!
I'll get more information on Friday, and then I'll tell you more!

So, as well they are still looking for families, so I'll talk to my mum again, and maybe..

Well, other than that, I got the login for the yfu intranet, and she informed me how the work from YFU is organized!

I got some prospectus(ES?), a folder, gummy bears, and an I love YFU button.

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