Monday, 2 September 2013


Yeah... today I went back to school in Austria!
I did not go there for more than a year, but I didn't miss it at all!!
So well I'm back, I'm back in Austria, officially now even back to school! yeah ;)

So today I had to be in school at 8 35am, till 10 10am. It was long, too long!
We only did some administrational things with my "classteacher", nothing special. Every year it starts of the same.

So, after school finished, I went together with my friend Hannah to get the books for her, because she is leaving today to Wales, where she will study at a boarding school until Easter. I asked if I can get my russian book, but no, I'm not allowed because I won't be doing my exams in it.. that's not fair! but however,...

Should I choose Chinese als wpf? *wpf is a course you can choose but you still need to attend* 

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