Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First Ranger meeting!

Yeah! :)

So, today we met each other at the Würstelstand close to Prater, but first I met Alina, the exchange student from Finland who will spend the year with us for the first time! :) She's really nice!
So her, Konni and me went to Prater, where we met all the others, we got a letter with a questionnaire in it which we had to answer and a new meeting point. We walked there and when we arrived we saw some tires/hoops and wood and string... we made a float to go over a little "lake", not even. We mastered this, even though my shoe got wet a bit... after this we set down and started our pancake project! :) So, we mixed everything together... and we had a lot... too much! but they were still good! :)
After this, we cleaned up, got some more information about the upcoming year, and went home... which took forever, since public transport on a wednesday at 10pm isn't too good anymore!

But yeah... I really enjoyed it! I'm already excited for next week :)

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