Sunday, 10 February 2013

An update pour nous!

I didnt write for ages!

So a lot of stuff happened already since I wrote the last time!

I opened the other part of my christmas presents, they are all really nice- Thank you, by the way, for everyone who gave me something!

I met Christin and Garry, and Nancie, my hostaunt, her son and his girlfriend.
Together with them we celebrated New Years Eve, where we had a really nice time in Downtown Montreal, around the Olympic stadium.

We went skiing, on January 2nd.
We (my hostfamily and me) decided to go on a CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS! :)) in May! and we leave from NY, so we are gonna spend some days in NYC! :D 

I had exam week, the last week of january.

I helped another exchange student to find a new hostfamily! :) (amn't I a good person?)

I found out, how to use I Message, so now I could send pictures, if somebody has it too!

January 28th- Feb 1st Exam week
Monday,Feb 4th I went tubing with school! :)

Friday, Feb 7.,8.,9., we were in Quebec City, Carnival de Quebec!

The first march week (springbreak), we are going to Cote-Nord.
On our way, we are going skiing, in Quebec's biggest ski resort, and we are going to sleep on night in Quebec.

 March 10.,11., & 12., Lindas Sister and her daughters are coming over from Toronto.

March 12., I'm going to the Biosphere with my french class, because we won our tickets.

March, 15 Haarlem Shake @ LMAC 

Weekend before easter: we have a Chalet, and we gonna enjoy a big Spa center!

Easter! :)

April, 13 th Stefania's Sweet 16!  

We are going to meet Lindas family in Toronto and Boston, USA!
As well as, Ottawa!
End of April, we gonna leave to go to NYC, where we are starting our cruise, on May 1st to the BAHAMAS! :)
I can't wait!

After the end of year exams we are gonna go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where a part of Linda's family lives.

And then, I'm already going back home! (less than 100 days left!!)

Unbelievable how fast 10 months can pass by!

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