Sunday, 20 April 2014


Today, Sunday April 20, it is Easter sunday. So this morning after I woke up, we had an amazing breakfast with an "Osterpinze", jam, tea.... and I even used my easter dishes.

Later one we went outside to see what the easter bunny left behind for us to find, as this is the tradition. 
I found some easter eggs, chocolate, a purse, a book and a pair of shoes. 

I am very happy about the book, which is " Ein Jahr in Tel Aviv, Reise in den Alltag" by Christiane Wirtz. ("One year in Tel Aviv"). It is about a woman who moves to Tel Aviv and her experience.

As well, I found some Nike shoes which were hidden in the garden. Those are the Nike Free 5.0+ Breath in blue. I wanted to buy this pair of shoes for Israel, because I heard that they are super comfortable. So one more thing on my TO-DO list is done already. The time is running! :)

(I am still experiementing with my blog) 

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