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Eastern Mediterranean International School

An international high school for students to live and study together in Israel. Its focus will be on students from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East regions. Teaching respect of others, dialogue and the value of peace. Learning about the environment and sustainable ecology. Cultivating personal leadership, community involvement and service. Taking a stand for a better world for us and our children

EMIS is predicated on providing a broad educational program for young people from all over the world. The students will be chosen on basis of merit alone on academic and leadership parameters without regards to race, gender, religion, political or financial background.
Ages 16-19 are critical years when young minds can be opened to new ideas; when good educators help change inbred attitudes; when past suspicions can be tamed through day-to-day interaction. Our objective is to have 40% of students coming from the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East regions and the other 60% from the rest of the world.

Build the Eastern Mediterranean International School in Israel in HaKfar Hayrok campus (the Green Village) using a similar model of the United World Colleges (
A Two-year (11th-12th grade), 200 students, international boarding school
Students selected on merit from all over over the world and offered scholarships
40% of students will come from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, 20% from
Israel and 20% from other countries and territories in the region, the other 60% from the rest of the world
The school will teach international understanding and environmental studies as part of its full International Baccalaureate (IB) programme ( (IBO accreditation is required and in process)
The school will draw on Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and will teach the students entrepreneurship skills and allow the students to pursue entrepreneurial projects both social and business
To build the campus as a green school, using ecological and environmental sustainability principle

Hakfar Hayarok (Hebrew for The Green Village) is an education center and a green haven in the midst of the bustling Sharon region in central Israel. It is within short driving distance from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Nablus. ... The campus contains full academic infrastructure, a youth village and an agricultural farm. The six-year high school has 1,500 students. Three hundred students live on campus in several dormitory buildings and enjoy a rich and unique experience. This vibrant community will offer EMIS students a glimpse into a cross-section of the Israeli society and allow them to interact and learn from each other.
Tree lined road in Hakfar Hayarok Its location is ideal for both social community service locally, and field trips to the south for desert environmental study projects and the north to the beautiful mountain region. It is just a few minutes drive from the Mediterranean coast and is in close proximity to some of Israel’s leading universities, enabling abundant possibilities for marine activities as well as academic opportunities for the students.
This location will expose to the College students and staff to Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, religions and rich histories.

Hakfar Hayarok has partnered with the Eastern Mediterranean International School Foundation and is providing its existing infrastructure to the school. Hakfar Hayarok has allocated EMIS a renovated dormitory building and access to facilities including the catering facilities, sports, pool, arts and music facilities, library and science labs.



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