Friday, 18 April 2014

Rosetta Stone

I received an answer email from Rosetta stone in which they offered me an online course for a language of my choice for 6 months. I am still not sure if I prefer to take this course in Arabic or Hebrew. As Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel, I could communicate with people or "talk" to the workers in a store or ask for the way. On the other hand, I was thinking about taking Arabic as subject at EMIS, so it may be useful to have some pre-knowlege.

As well, I am going to write on the #milestone Blog from Rosetta stone where I am going to talk about my experience learning Arabic and Hebrew and communicating in English. I will keep you updated on here and will post the link if I uploaded on the #milestone Blog.

I'm looking forward to learn some Arabic and Hebrew!
I actually found a girl that is from Israel and is accepted to EMIS as well. She already showed me how to write my name and say hello in Hebrew.

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