Sunday, 6 April 2014


Accept my spot R
Pay the admission fee R
Wait for the welcome pack R
Finally receive it R
Talk to Vienna's University
Visit the campus R
Put me on leave at school for the first year
Learn some Arabic & Hebrew
Inform me about Israels history & Tel Aviv
Book a flight
Cancel my phone contract
Clean my room
Sell the stuff I don't need anymore
Appointment at the dentist
Appointment at the oculist
Get a new pair of glasses (contact lens?)
Appointment at the orthopedic specialist

Buy the following things:
    Gym shoes for outdoor
    Nike Free 5 R
    Nike Shorts
   Graphic calculator
   Austrian flag
    If mandatory: bathing suit
Pack my stuff
Say bye to everyone
Hit to the airport and catch my flight to Tel-Aviv Jaffa!
Study at EMIS for 2 years :)

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