Thursday, 1 May 2014

Töchtertag-Girls Day

On thursday was Girls Day in Vienna and as I heard as well in Bratislava. Is it an international thing? I am not sure, but however.

In Vienna girls aged 10-16 have the chance to visit a company, mostly technical companies, that open their door to us. My friend and me went to the austrian TV-channel OKTO TV.
Okto is a uncommerical television broadcast comitter which started in fall 2005. People who have ideas can publish their story on  Okto TV.More information can be found on their website:

The day started at 9 am, where we met in front of the Okto building in Vienna. A couple of girls were already there, when my friend and me arrived. We started of with eating breakfast, which was a good idea, because we were able to get to know us a little bit. At 9.30 am the program started, we went into the television studio where we introduced each other and talked a little about us and why we chose to visit Okto.

We listened to a short presentation about Okto and then we started to experiment. We splitted the group into half, the first half tried out audio and the regie/stage directon first, while the other half had a great time working with the cameras and talking with microphones. After half an hour we changed groupes, so everbody had the chance to get to know all of the equipment.

At 11.30am we made another break to find out what we want to film in the next few hours. Unfortunaetly my friend and me had to leave early because we needed to get back to school due to an exam.

However, my friend and me still had a great time and enjoyed Girls Day! I think it is an amazing opportunity for us to try out a profession at Girls Day. :)

Heute Tochter - morgen Chefin!

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