Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tel Aviv Day 2

Allenby mosque


Promenade, Bauhaus region

View from Yafa, Tel Aviv

Cranberry juice! :)

water fountain, Kikar Dizgendoff

Today was a pretty busy day and we walked a lot, but let me get a bit more into detail:
We started walking up Allenby street, where we stopped at the closed market for a second. We will come back tomorrow, as it is still Shabbat, and most shops are closed.
We continued walking and past by the Allenby mosque, a nice promenade in Bauhaus region "The white city" and the Independence Hall. After some lunch we had enough energy again to make our way to Yafa, where we were astonished by how beautiful and all everything was.
As you can see on my pictures, we had an amazing view from there, not only the beach but also in combination with the city - great!
We planned to walk back to our apartment on the beach, but as there were to many dogs for my sense, we walked on the sidewalk in the bright sun.
Because I did not feel like we already saw enough today, we went to Kikar Dizengoff at 9pm where the water fountain had a spectacle going on, showing the Tel Avivs relation with Frankfurt.
It was beautiful, with fire and music highlights! 
Then we went to a close shopping center called Dizengoff center which is opened from 8pm to 12am every saturday. 

What a great day!

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