Friday, 13 June 2014

Tel Aviv Day 4

This morning we visited Hakfar Hayarok, more information in my EMIS/ Hakfar Hayarok campus visit post.
After we had a good time at the campus we waited for a taxi to pass by, but there was none. So then a bus came and said: "asdasdasdasdasd Tel Aviv asdsfsndf" (or at least that's what we understood), so I said to my mom: "Let's just hop on this bus! We can take a taxi from there, at least we'll be somewhere in Tel Aviv!" I still can not believe that this bus literally stopped 3 minutes from our apartment! It could have been going anywhere, Tel Aviv isn't that small!
We decided to walk to Arziel Center, because we read in our tour guide that theres a view point.
That's what we did, we walked for about 45 minutes, went shopping for a bit and then took the elevator to get up to the 49th floor, where we enjoyed an amazing view!
Later on we decided to walk to the beach, stopped by a juice bar, and then finally made it to the sunset at the beach at about 7 45pm. 
A bunch of pictures later we decided to continue our walk and get to our apartment, where we already started to pack our luggages again, our trip is almost over! 

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