Sunday, 6 July 2014

Grand Prix Austria

Last sunday, June 22 2014, was Grand Prix in Austria.
It is also called "Großer Preis von Österreich" and took place in Spielberg in Styria. The first Grand Prix took place in Austria in the year 1964. Dietrich Mateschitz bought the race ring in the earlier 2000, where he started to build a motor sport center. It was then stopped due to a negative environmental compability test. In 2011 the ring was reopened and three years later the first Grand Prix was back.

On friday, June 20, Vettel had a meet up in an austrian shopping center in Vienna. This is where I took the picture.

I watched the Grand Prix on TV, unfortunately I was not able to make my way to Spielberg to see it live, as I did last year in Montréal, where I saw Grand Prix du Canada.

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James said...

Good to knwo Grand Prix is still trying to make its comeback. I know it has struggled a lot over the years in various countries. I love watching it, I would love more to drive in it though =/ Maybe one day I will manage to weazel my way into the drivers seat for a few laps (like Richard Hammond did once).