Thursday, 4 September 2014

Last day of orientation week

Hannah & Anna
Hannah, Anna, Eng
Students from over 9 countries are shown in this picture,
 such as Israel, Russia, Brasil, Moldova, Turkey, and many more! 
Perfect bus for EMIS students

HAnnAH with an Israeli flag
*All credits go to my wonderful classmate Hannah Cook from the United States.*

Today was the last day of our orientation week which we finished with an assembly. 
Our course selection is an ongoing process right now, so far I am going to take:
German A Literature Standard Level
English A Language and Literature Higher Level
Economics Higher Level
Chemistry Standard Level
Mathematics Higher Level
Arabic ab initio Standard Level

Currently I am thinking about changing Arabic to Mandarin ab initio Standard Level online or ESS, Environmental System and Society Standard Level or Business Management Standard Level online.
As subject choices are half way done we started to fill in our schedule which is a little complicated but I am sure we will work it out. 

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