Friday, 3 October 2014

Adventures in Israel

sunset on our way to the dining hall

The first picture shows the beautiful sunset we get to see everyday on our way to the dining hall - truly beautiful!
On the left you can see the horse stables and the building on the right is our school.
Exploring the North!

The past week has been crazy, I can not even summarize all the great things that happened.
First of all, Naomi (Germany) and Damir (Kasachstan) went to one of my classmates (Amir) for Rosh Hashana.
We visited the beautiful city of Akko, the beach and the Lebanon border.

Video for Online UWC

Back on campus, José (Ecuador), Marie (Canada), Eng (Cambodia) and I decided to sign up for an Online course on sustainability run by UWC.
The first lecture took place on Wednesday and all of us are still amazed.

Hakfar Hayarok

On Thursday, the last day before Autumn break, we were allowed to go to Ramat HaSharon, a little city which is about 15 minutes by foot from campus where we bought some decoration and useful items for our room and stocked up on some snacks at the same time.

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