Thursday, 8 January 2015


Happy New Year! 
It is 2015! Wow, time flies! 
A new year is already here, where did 2014 go? Thinking about what happened in the past 12 months I am struggling to decided whether or not it passed fast or slow. There have been moments, where an hour, a day or a week just went by in what felt like a second, but there have been times, which took longer than that. Most of us humans on earth experience this and the chapter 2014 in our book called "Our Live" is done. It is written, and can now only be looked at in memories be rereading the few things we remember and puzzling them together into our year of 2014. The pages in our book have turned, and now we start 2015 with a blank one. There is lots of space on the pages to follow and everyone should decide by themselves what will be written on them. whether or not you see the New Year as a new beginning, for some it may be a source of motivation and strength. Others may not need a new year to finally work on certain projects or toward specific goals. Nevertheless, we should always work towards achieving our goals and should never give up.

As every year we did "Bleigießen" and my figure that was created was a leopard. It's description  is "hard work pays of" and it is known that this will be important for you in the new year. We will see what happens in this year, let's hope for the best! 
Happy new year! 

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