Wednesday, 21 January 2015

EMIS Campus

 Welcome to EMIS, the sparkling room and current events bulletin boards are hung up in the dorm's hallway to keep everyone informed. The room that can be found on the sparkling room list 99% of the time, is the one of my three roommates and me, dorm 4! 

Every morning on our really short way to the school, we pass all these flags. They were hung up back in October for every country that is represented in the student body. 

Examination in progess, Silence please!
This sign was spread all over the school during exam week. 
Luckily, it has been removed after our return from winter break as the stressful exam sessions are over for a bit. Only a few students and the Pre-IB class are still writing, so best of luck to them!
Exams, see you in May!  

This is just one of the 6 classrooms in the EMIS Academic building. Everyone of them is equipped with a projector and speakers in order to use technology during class. Most of our teachers usually work with PowerPoint presentations, therefore it is very necessary. 

This was a very cute idea proposed by my roommate Majlinda from Albania, every student hung up one of these small brown bags with their name in the "Club", which was then filled by other students with lovely notes. There was only one rule, which was, do not open the messages before you leave for your winter vacation. 
I read my messages on the plane and they were all really cute, thank you again!

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