August 2011 - first time hearing about student exchange R
September 2011- Attended multiple information events R
February 2012 - BEST R
February 2012 - DFSR Application R
March 2012 - DFSR contract, Programmbestätigung R
Easter 2012 - filling in documents R
Documents --> Canada R

July 16, first host family R
July 18, VISA Application R
July 20, new host family R

August 7, flight information R
August 25, flight to Montréal R
August 29, first day @ LMAC (Sec. 4) R

September 29, first trip to the USA R
October 8, Thanksgiving R
November 15-18 NYC Trip R

December 25, Christmas R
January 28-February 1, my first exam week R
February- I have IMessage R
February- helped an exchange student to find a host family R

March 4-10 Marchbreak (Québec, Côte Nord) R
March 9, avion/airplane flight around Québec City R
March 22, 100 days left in Canada R

April 30, NYC R

May 1-9 Cruise R
May 9 - NYC R
May 11- 50 days left in Montréal R
May 17-20 Toronto R
May 24-26 Boston R

June 1-2 Camping Québec R
June 7, Grand Prix du Canada, Montréal R
June 9, Ottawa R
June 15, Goodbye party R
June 19-26 Nova Scotia R
June 29, Airport, plane to Europe R
June 30 HSH (Home Sweet Home) R

July 1-CANADA Day R

September- school starts in Austria (grade 11) R

December, Application to EMIS R
January 12-Application number R
March 9-First EMIS Interview R
March 19-Second EMIS Interview R
March 27- Nomination for a spot @EMIS R

April -VWA topic "Canada/Austria school systems,.." accredited R
April 10-payment of application fee R
April 15-received EMIS Welcome package R

May 3-Visa Permits information R
May 9-Visit to EMIS scheduled R
May 16-received course selection form R
May 23-handed in my course selection R
May 29-received medical insurance information R

June 5-Visa Update R
June 6-10 - Trip to Tel Aviv R
June 9-Visit to Hakfar Hayarok, EMIS campus R
June 15-Updated student information R
June 25-EMIS IB Authorization  R
June 26-last day of school in Austria  R
June 27-Report card grade 11  R
June 28-Health insurance 2014-15 paid R

July - EMIS is on the ibo.org site  R
July 8- Information that visa is ready to be picked-up R
July 13- EMIS confirms Spiegel Austauschlog
July 14- start of EMIS Journalism club R
July 15- Buy gym shoes for outdoor R
July 19- EMIS journalism club starts to be active R
July 21- Appointment at the orthodontist R
July 22- Book a flight R
July 23- Israeli Embassy R
July 24- VISA R
July 25- Buy traditional clothing, Dirndl R
July 28- Get a new pair of glasses R

August- start EMIS blog (EMIS Journalism club) R
            - Clean my room R
            - Doctor appointments R
August 4- Cancel my phone contract R
August 5- Laptop information R
August 22- 17th birthday R
August 25 - 2 Year Leaving-Canada-Anniversary R

August - Pack my stuff R
August - Say bye to everyone R
August 29 - Time for the Airport R
August 29 - Arrival in Israel and EMIS campus R
September 1 - 4 Welcome week R
Put me on leave at school for the first year R
September 3 - First CAS activity R
September  6 - Hakfar Hayarok swimming competition R
September 7 - First day of classes R

October 29 - 30 First EMIS trip to the desert R

December 19 - Bye, Bye Tel Aviv, Welcome Austria!R

January 3 - Back on campus for Term 2R

March 10-17 - Week Without Walls
March 10 - 11 First trip to Jerusalem
March 13 - 14 Sustainability weekend

April 4 - Term 2 comes to an end
April 4 - 13 Spring break
April 13 - Term 3

Study at EMIS for 2 years :)

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